Apr 23 2014

Indie Arena Roundtable

And to round out our A MAZE presence, we also had a little round table. Granted the table was more of an L than round, and it wasn’t exactly little. We reserved seats for 20 people and ended up closer to thirty, even having to turn some away after we’ve taken up a large chunk of the restaurant.

So unfortunately we didn’t really get much done but it was an excellent chance to get to know the other indies of the Arena. And later on we managed to redo the roundtable in a setting that was more quiet and thus much more productive.

There were a couple of internal topics but we had decisions on three important topics that are relevant to everyone:

One being that the Indie Arena is trying to be more welcoming to non-german speakers in the DACH area. This means the website will eventually transition to english and the forum will be bilingual. 

The second is that we’re trying to use this blog as a more communal outlet for the members of the Indie Arena, to show everyone what we’re cooking.

The last being that we’re planning to do a sort of online-tutorial-conference thingy late this year. We’ll keep you posted on that right here.

(All photos done by whoever had Jana Reinhardt's camera in his/her hands at that time)

Note: This is concludes our International Games Week Berlin coverage. Thanks for reading :)


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Apr 22 2014

Indie Arena First Birthday

After the Indie Arena talk at A MAZE Berlin we went out to celebrate on the Urban Spree grounds. After all the Indie Arena was founded there during last year’s A MAZE. And to celebrate we had tasty beer and tasty cake. And Thomas Trocha even had 1 year Indie Arena achievements for our members ready :)

(All photos from Julian Dasgupta)

Note: This is part three of our International Games Week Berlin coverage. Read more about our overly noisy round table at A MAZE tomorrow!


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Apr 21 2014

Indie Arena A MAZE Session

During A MAZE./Berlin we were present with a short series of talks:

Jana and Martin, the founders of the Indie Arena, talked about it’s gestation and origin, it’s goals and potential future paths. 

They were followed by a series of rapid fire talks:

Thomas Bedenk from Brightside Games talked about their story, wrapping up five years of indiedom in five minutes. From IGF to contract work, these guys covered everything.

Lucy Morris talked about Game Jams in general. She also talked about the potential of Game Jams to improve game development, using her project Asylum Jam as an example.

Julian Mautner from stillalive studios gave insight into their process considering that they are a team scattered across 10 timezones.

Oliver Eberlei pulled back the curtains on the Indie Arena gamescom presence last year and how he got it up and running in just over a month. From building the booth to financing the thing.

Alexander Pieper from Studio Fizbin punished himself with a porn-beard and spent his five minutes ranting. Mostly about himself and some about the difficulties of bringing a title to iOS using the example of the Inner World.

And lastly Julian Dasgupta overloaded everyone’s visual cortex with a flood of slides about how not to write your press release. Hint: Don’t “push the envelope”.

There will eventually be videos of these talks available on youtube. Once we have them we’ll share them with you here.

(All pictures by Julian Dasgupta. Which is why there is no picture of him.)

Note: This is part two of our International Games Week Berlin coverage. Read more about our birthday party at A MAZE tomorrow!

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Apr 20 2014

Indie Arena Quo Vadis Booth

The Indie Arena was present at the Quo Vadis in Berlin with a booth exhibiting a total of ten games from the community. You might recognize the booth as it’s the Oliver's magnum opus and the one that was already used and abused at last year's gamescom. The audience at Quo Vadis wasn't as eager to paint penises on the thing though…

Photos from Julian Dasgupta.

Note: This is the start of our International Games Week Berlin coverage. Read more about our talks at A MAZE tomorrow!

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Apr 17 2014
Jan 27 2014

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Oct 13 2013

Games and Interfaces, Part 1: Dissolution of Hardware



In the 12th session of the Game Culture Club we got together to discuss the topic of Games and Interfaces. Since it was a purposefully broad topic we had much to discuss and a lot of interesting points. Let’s try to break it down, shall we?

Read More

The Game Culture Club is a regular drinks & discussion meeting in Karlsruhe, Germany. Here’s the first part of last session’s write up.

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Oct 06 2013
Aug 22 2013

The first ever Indie Arena meetup at the Gamescom.


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Jun 30 2013

Indie-Inside geht in die Arena

Hallo ihr da draussen,

jetzt war es schon eine ganze Weile still um und auf Indie-Inside. Das liegt leider daran, dass alle Autoren Indie Developer sind, was bedeutet dass wir eigentlich mit den eigenen Spielen schon gut ausgelastet sind. Darum kommt das bloggen viel zu schnell zu kurz.

Da wir aber nach wie vor glauben, dass die Deutsche Indie Szene einen Knotenpunkt braucht haben wir uns entschlossen da den Fokus etwas zu verschieben.

Und dazu geht’s in die Arena.


Unter dem Namen Indie Arena haben wir (das heisst vor allem Martin und Jana) ein Forum für die deutsche Indie Szene bereitgestellt. Aktuell funktioniert die Registrierung auf Einladungsbasis, aber mehr könnt ihr auf der Webseite sehen.

Diesen Tumblr Blog werden wir im Zuge der Umstellung dann auch umziehen. Das heisst unter dem Schirm Indie Arena werden wir den Blog mit dem Forum verbinden. In diesem Zug haben wir uns auch entschieden, den Blog in Englisch weiterzuführen, um eine größere Zielgruppe zu erreichen und die deutsche Indie Szene auch international etwas sichtbarer zu machen.

Im Zuge der Umbauten wird der Blog etwas umgestaltet. Und dabei kann’s natürlich sein, dass das eine oder andere mal kaputt geht. Wir bitten darum um Nachsicht und freuen uns mit euch auf die baldige Wiedergeburt.

- Martin, Jana und das ganze Indie-Inside Team


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